Jungleboro black hoody

Producer: Easyboy


Comfortable men hoodie with kangaroo pocket. The hood is changeable by stringline. Inner side is fleecy, lower fell and sleeve weepers are made of finned fabric. Colour: black. Motive size: 110×75 mm front side. Printed with fine elastic colour.

Material: 80 % cotton, 20 % polyester, 320 g/m2

Garanty: 24 months

Category: Sweatshirts

Style: Lama skap 320 g - Dimensions

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Your price: 490 CZK (APRX 19.5 EUR)

VAT: Cena vč. DPH 21 %


636.2 / 5 (rated 517×)

Availibility: Out of stock

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